Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oso Negro - Butchered EP (Prod. by Phil A)

"I just give it away cus I hella hate sellin shit" - Oso Negro

I first met Oso Negro a couple years back at a Neon Reverb Festival Showcase here in Las Vegas. We were both on the bill. We enjoyed each others sets and traded contact information. At this point I had been doing tons of shows in Las Vegas and a few one off's in my home town of New York and also in L.A. When we spoke that night we talked about trading shows from Las Vegas to Boise. Something I try to do often with touring acts coming through town. Sure enough in 2011 when it came time for Oso to release his then latest project, Hungry Bear, He asked me to join him for my 1st tour. The Hungry Bear Tour was great for me because except for the Vegas date it took me to cities and towns I had never been. I met people on the road that I continue to bump into all over the country. Really great hardworking musicans and fans. It's these folks that give me the strength to keep pushing and to keep putting music out there. So I would like to say thank you to Oso for opening those doors for me.

In a few days I head out on a tour to promote my upcoming beat tape, TREATS.TREATS will not be my only release this October tho. On the Boise date of this tour we will officially release another project, Oso Negro - Butchered EP. This 4 song EP is entirely produced, mixed and mastered by me with Oso on the mic. Until Oct 7. You can stream it at . Watch the video above and share this music. Leave comments below to let us know which songs your feelin'. I'll leave you with my favorite joint off the EP, Sacred Cows. - Phil A.

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